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Chris Wooldridge


After graduating from Arizona State University, I served as a Senior Vice-President for Systems Development at Datanamics Inc. from 1984 through 2005. 

At Datanamics, we served our primary client Hilton Hotels Worldwide, doing software development for all front office, marketing, and financial systems for over 1800 hotels and their world headquarters in Beverly Hills, California. I headed up the team to design, to develop, and to deploy Hilton’s first website and transactional systems for reservations and company-wide financial reporting. I left Datanamics to pursue new challenges in Automotive Digital and Website Marketing, serving as the Internet and BDC Director at Integrity Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, Findlay Lincoln, Chapman Dodge Chrysler Jeep & Ram, and Findlay Chevrolet.  

I currently serve as the owner and managing director of Summit Digital 360, a boutique agency focusing on automotive digital marketing and Internet Sales best practices. With many industry experts predicting that the overall automotive market may see yet another increase in competitiveness and margin compression, I am convinced that franchise dealerships must focus on digital execution and traffic conversion-to-sales while optimizing expenditures. 

My experience and knowledge in automotive digital marketing and sales are a unique combination that can result in increased profitability for your dealership.  

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